Balance Supplements

+ Support whole-body hormonal balance

+ Five essential micronutrient formulations

+ Get regular, pain-free, PMS-free periods

Support whole-body hormonal balance and regular, pain-free periods with these five essential micronutrient formulations, designed to be taken simultaneously every day.

  • Energize — Boost your energy levels, mood, sex drive, and progesterone
  • Detox — Support healthy estrogen levels, combat
    Replenish — Make estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, regulate
  • Gusty — Balance gut bacteria, improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Harmonize — Support mood and ovulation, and reduce cramping, oxidative
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“My cycle went from every 90 days to every 30 days!”

Samantha Jones, age 38

What's included

Each kit contains a two-month supply of the 5 formulates for  whole-body hormonal balance and regular, PMS-free periods.

Energize — Coenzymated B vitamins work to:

  • Mitigate mood swings
  • Combat adrenal fatigue and support energy levels
  • Support sex drive with the right cortisol:DHEA ratio
  • Support fertile factors with progesterone production

Detox — This detox antioxidant helps:

  • Support detox of excess estrogen and overall liver function
  • Combat free radicals in the body
  • Aid healthy weight loss

Replenish — Buffered chelated magnesium is used to:

  • Supports healthy cortisol regulation
  • Promote relaxation and deep sleep
  • Provide support for healthy thyroid function
  • Make progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone

Gutsy — Dairy-free probiotics can help:

  • Balance gut bacteria and overall mood
  • Improve digestive function and nutrient absorption
  • Reduce occurrence of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

Harmonize — Ultra omega with vitamin D, K1 and K2 helps:

  • Support healthy mood balance
  • Reduce prostaglandins that cause cramping
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which is linked to many chronic diseases
  • Support healthy fertile factors and ovulation

Our signature formulations

FLO Living provides therapeutic-grade supplements to support your hormonal system. Whether you’re looking to regulate or optimize your cycle, address more complicated menstrual diagnoses, boost your fertility, or ease Perimenopause challenges, every micronutrient in every kit has been rigorously researched, tested, and vetted to help you improve your hormonal health and achieve your personal goals.

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  • Non-GMO & Bioavailable

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Gluten & Allergy Free

  • No synthetic fillers or colorants

Get with the program

Don’t treat the symptoms, treat the source. Pairing nutrition with therapeutic-grade supplements, FLO Living’s personalized hormonal programs are designed to address the root cause of your challenges—100% naturally. Just take our 2-minute assessment and we’ll share a comprehensive plan to support your hormonal health.

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Balance Supplements

Support whole-body hormonal balance and regular, PMS-free periods with these five essential micronutrient formulations, designed to be taken simultaneously every day.

Balance Frequently asked questions

What is the Happiness Guarantee and Refund Policy?

Consistently taking the supplements for 30 days are not seeing the results you want, or Are experiencing unwanted side effects that prevent you from continuing to take our supplements. You can reach out to our team at [email protected] to provide details of your situation and we will be happy to provide a refund, as long as this is within 30 days of your first purchase with FLO Living. Please note: This is only applicable within 30 days of your initial purchase For subscription kits, once your next order has been automatically placed, we are not able to accept returns or provide refunds after the 30-day happiness guarantee.

Can I take the Balance if I'm on hormonal birth control or other medications?

Yes, you can take Balance if you are on hormonal birth control. And if you plan to go off birth control soon, we highly recommended starting the supplements. We also have a birth control rehab guide to support you through the transition!

Can I take Balance if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. While breastfeeding stick with your prenatal, probiotics, and omega 3. Once you are done breastfeeding, you can start taking these.

How long will it take to see results?

Balance was created to optimize your hormones across every phase of your cycle, and combat endocrine disruptors that we experience daily in the modern world. Each woman's level of hormonal imbalance is different, so the time it takes to see results is varied. Many women begin to feel the benefit of Balance after just 1-month of taking the supplements consistently. It may take you longer, but trust the process and we encourage you to set up a call with a FLO Coach if you need additional support. Oh, and you can take balance as long as you have a menstrual cycle!

Do you ship internationally?

We are not yet shipping outside of the United States. We have had some clients use and to receive their supplements internationally. If you have had success with these third-party shippers in the past, feel free to place your order. This said, as we do not partner with them directly, you would be ordering at your own risk. If there are any issues with shipping once the supplements leave our warehouse, we would not be able to accept returns or process any refunds under any circumstances.​

Can I take this with other FLO Living supplement kits?

Yes! Balance can be taken with a combination of all FLO Living supplement kits except for Nurture. We suggest you take our health assessment to find out which kits are right for you.

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