MyFLO Coaching Session

Get specialized help with making changes beyond supplementation to improve your gut health and overall wellness.

Our team of expert FLO coaches are certified health coaches and have been working in the field for over 20 years. Each coach has been trained by Alisa on the FLO Living protocol, and have been working alongside her since the inception of FLO Living over 10 years ago. Many of them have been in your shoes—dealing with difficult periods and frustrating symptoms — before they became FLO experts.

Support whole-body hormonal balance and regular, pain-free periods with these five essential micronutrient formulations, designed to be taken simultaneously every day.

  • Energize — Boost your energy levels, mood, sex drive, and progesterone
  • Detox — Support healthy estrogen levels, combat
    Replenish — Make estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, regulate
  • Gusty — Balance gut bacteria, improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Harmonize — Support mood and ovulation, and reduce cramping, oxidative
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"The FLO coaches are both awesome and are very caring. They've helped me stay on track and implement the food based protocols."

Hailey Jensen

What you’ll get
from a FLO coaching session

We recommend that you get started right away with a 60 minutes session. Here’s what you can expect to review during your call:

  • Complete Health History Evaluation
    Review your symptoms, health history, and everything that you have submitted in the secure form when you signed up for your session.

  • Hormonal Issue Troubleshooting
    Detailed investigation into the causes of your specific hormone issues from experts in the field who have heard (and often experienced) it all.

  • Personalized Strategic Guidance
    Get ideas and strategies personalized to your specific needs. Our coach will set you on the path to better hormonal health with the tactics you need to succeed.

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Support whole-body hormonal balance and regular, PMS-free periods with these five essential micronutrient formulations, designed to be taken simultaneously every day.

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